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Commercial Projects

Here we have the chance to show pictures of our completed commercial projects. We are proud of our work and we hope these pictures will demonstrate the effort we put in every day.

Below is a local restaurant, an example of our commercial work


Custom arched and round commercial windows


An example of glass replacement


Frameless Commercial Door and sidelites with Chrome hardware

Commercial Specialties:
Glass Pane replacement
Interior and Exterior Doors
Steel  frame and Heavy Glass Doors
Door repair and replacement
Glass Partitions
Reception windows
Safety Glazing
Complete curtainwalls
New Storefront installation

Custom Frameless commercial entry

We are located on Main street across the river from Central park, 1/2 block north of Huron Street.

autorama2.jpg 18433.jpeg 17965.jpeg 15811.jpeg
SEsemiframelessneo.jpg 14618.jpeg raineuropanels.jpeg 6945.jpeg
6857.jpeg 6355.jpeg headerpanels.jpeg 6538.jpeg
788.jpeg barndoor3.jpeg 6066.jpeg IMG_2406.JPG
Eurodoorpanelclamps.jpg raineuro1.jpg IMG_2407.JPG Doorandpanelclamps.jpg
chloework.jpg euro2.jpg andersoneuro.jpg photo.JPG
donnasink.jpg sesemiframeless.jpg framedmirror.JPG jimshower.jpg
RedShower.jpg Euro1.jpg CabooseMilfordGlass2.jpg Familyreunion.jpg
mirrorlight.jpg wainwright.jpg headerdoor.jpg showersample2.jpg
showersample1.jpg 62vettedone.jpg kaysi.jpg forrestdoor1.jpg
forrestvase1.jpg forrestcabinets.jpg forrestbrz.jpg mgbroken2.jpg
healthmartentry.jpg mgresarch.jpg chipcrystal.jpg mgresentry.jpg
sampleeight.jpg sampleeleven.jpg samplenine.jpg samplefourtee.jpg
samplefive.jpg tps2.jpg samplenanas.jpg samplebaker.jpg
sample3.jpg sample1.jpg luruby.jpg luruby1.jpg
1shower.jpg bethandtroy.jpg perriez2.jpg shower.jpg
chevelle.jpg perriez.jpg mirror.jpg

Just call us for more Info! 248*684*0905

Monday thru Friday 8-5